Businesses that have not done much about IP and are looking to  build IP  with well defined business goals.

Invenomics Team will adopt the client, and study its business from the IP perspective. Thereafter, the Group will help the client build an IP portfolio that suits its business objectives. The said portfolio will then be monetized and commercialized in line with the client’s business goals.

At a general level, this service may include the following steps:

  • Study and review of the company’s business goals, processes and technology;
  • Understanding the subsisting/possible role of IP in the company’s business;
  • Developing a plan/program to build an IP portfolio that promotes the company’s business goals;
  • Implementing the IP program and integrating the same with the company’s business processes; and
  • Monetizing and Commercializing the company’s IP portfolio.

The team will be selected by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala based on the company’s business and technology background.

The engagement may go up to three years, or longer, based on the client’s business objectives.

On receiving a request for services/partnership, Dr. Kalyan will constitute a specialized team of IP, Technology and Business experts to deliver the project.