Companies and organisations looking to improve the quality and quantity of their IP portfolio to suit their business strategy. This service is particularly relevant for clients seeking to quickly build a quality IP portfolio that provides business and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Invenomics Team will study the company’s business, inventive and creative activity, and internal processes to devise a plan to boost IP in the company. The plan will then be implemented in association with the IP department of the company to achieve pre-defined IP targets.

Some basic steps that form part of this service include:

  • Study of the client’s business and IP portfolio;
  • IP Audit and creation of an IP inventory;
  • Framing a plan to boost IP;
  • Implementing the plan without disturbing the existing structures and processes;
  • Strategic development of IP portfolio and handover; …

The term of engagement  may go up to three years based on the client’s requirements.

The team for the project will be picked by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala based on  the client’s business, technology domain and IP targets.

On receiving a request for services/partnership, Dr. Kalyan will constitute a specialized team of IP, Technology and Business experts to deliver the project.