Each client request is assessed and analyzed by Invenomics Team before a service proposal is sent to a client.


Select Services

The service listings here under give a flavor of services offered by Invenomics, and you may request a service not provided in the listing. Please send us a request to receive a proposal to suit your specific business needs.


Adopt, Build and Commercialize


IP roadMap to suit business goals


Licensing and Commercialization Program


Represent in Important IP Meetings and Activities


Boost Your IP


Assess, Strategize and Grow


Strategic Advise and Implementation


Optimization of IP Investments and Resources


Build and Position IP Assets for Acquisition

Other Services

Some other examples of our services include:

Start, Run and Lead – Start Your IP activities, Quickly move up the IP Value Chain in your area of business and be the leader in chosen IP areas.

SLAM – Strategic Litigation Assessment and Management to suit business interests, and prevent unnecessary litigation expenses.

Knowledge and Power – Gain IP Knowledge and implement programs in your company for business success.

Resolve – Resolve IP disputes to suit business interests and convert disputes into opportunities.

Quantity to Quality – Move from a number driven IP portfolio to a quality driven IP portfolio. Build higher value from smaller numbers.

iPlan – plan your IP growth based on changing business dynamics.

IP Department Set Up – Set Up an efficient, process driven IP department

Stop – stop infringing activities and convert infringements to licenses.

Fortify – strengthen your ip portfolio

Collaborate – join hands with similar companies to pool ip, develop joint ip or otherwise.

Reach out – reach out to educational and research institutes to partner, develop and acquire ip.

Crack Down – Go after organized repeat infringers with a well defined strategy.

Ip Rating– rate the ip process, portfolio and ip status of the company based on pre-defined benchmarks.

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