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“website” shall mean unless repugnant to the context.

“Invenomics” shall mean and include the administrators and managers of the website.

Invenomics website is administered by administrative staff of BananaIP Counsels (BIP Counsels), whose website is Details with respect to BananaIP Counsels can be found at the said website.

This policy governs the use of information you provide through the website to BananaIP Counsels. It specifically deals with privacy of personally identifiable information.

1. The names, contact information and other materials may be collected by Invenomics only for the purposes of providing and disseminating information relating to invenomics services, website and other information/updates.

2. Invenomics will not use the identities and contact details of the readers and users for any purposes other than that mentioned herein above.

3. Invenomics will safeguard the right to privacy of information disclosed through its website to the extent required under the law. All information will be kept confidential, and will be used only for purposes mentioned herein.

4. All identities, contact and other details provided to Invenomics shall be kept confidential and shall not be revealed to any third party unless Invenomics is required by law to do so.

5. You may address any privacy related issues to our greivance officer by writing to Kindly mention in the subject as follows: To Data Protection and Grievance Officer.

All issues and disputes arising under the aforesaid terms shall be governed by Indian laws, and fall within the jurisdiction of Bangalore courts.

The term “You” shall mean and include any person using the website for any purpose. It shall include the terms user, your, subscriber, etc.

The term “BananaIP” shall mean BananaIP Counsels having its place of business at No. 40, J.C. Industrial Estate, Bangalore – 62. BananaIP is the owner of the website.