Clients looking for IP advise at macro or micro level.

Advisory Report on specific aspects requested by the client. Can include resolution of problems, strategic inputs for development/improvement, strategy with respect to specific issues, etc. Client may implement the advise by itself, or request Invenomics to implement the same.

Specific activities will vary based on the advise sought by the client.

Some examples of activities requested by clients include:

  • Advise on an ongoing IP problem within the organisation;
  • Advise on strategy to address change in law or policy;
  • Advise with respect to an ongoing litigation;
  • Setting up an IP Team, or training the team on latest developments;
  • Advise with respect to a licensing deal; and so on.

The term of engagement is determined based on scope of the project.

The team for the project will be picked by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala based on the nature of request of the client.

On receiving a request for services/partnership, Dr. Kalyan will constitute a specialized team of IP, Technology and Business experts to deliver the project.